Sicomin GreenPoxy56 Bio Resin

Sicomin GreenPoxy56 Bio Resin

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Sicomin GreenPoxy 56

Produced with more than 51% of carbon content from plant and vegetable origins, this next generation bio-based epoxy systems is the next step towards a petrochemical free system derived from renewable resources.  It delivers tough, strong and durable bonding on most surfaces and its high mechanical performance yields surfboards with a flexible touch, high temperature and UV stability.  GreenPoxy 56 produces high surface and plug finishing for high gloss requirement.

Made in France

Uses: Surfboard lamination of timber, EPS/polystyrene or polyurethane foam.

Kit Sizes: 1.5L, 3L & 6L  

Mix Ratio: Part A 100g : Part B 37g

Bio content when cured: 41%

Pot Life: 30 minutes