Paulownia Strip Planking

Paulownia Strip Planking

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Australian-grown Paulownia strip planking perfect for all hollow wood surfboard projects, provides fantastic flex with all the water-resistant qualities of Paulownia timber.  

The timber is ready to be used straight away, saving you a lot of time in resawing and thicknessing.  The packs are more than enough to complete the deck, bottom and rails of a hollow surfboard, with a few spares left over.  

Short Board Pack - 45mm x 5mm x 2m Paulownia

Mid Board Pack - 45mm x 5mm x 2.5m Paulownia

Long Board Pack - 45mm x 5mm x 3m Paulownia 

SUP Pack - 45mm x 5mm x 3.7m Paulownia

Per Meter - 45mm x 5mm Paulownia

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