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Longboards Kits
Longboards Kits
Longboards Kits
Longboards Kits
Longboards Kits
Longboards Kits
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Longboards Kits

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Build your own hollow wood surfboard with a precision laser cut internal frame for a light and strong, perfect shape then add  locally sourced Paulownia planking for a complete board.

The 9' OR 9'6" Cruiser

A classic all around long board shape. There is a little concave in the nose for nose riding and hard rails for crisp turns. You can't go wrong with the Cruiser.




The 10' Gordo and 10'6" Muy Gordo

The original "big boy boards".  Just because they are big doesn't mean they don't perform. The rails have been pinched slightly to give it both agility and performance. Their stability makes it easier to catch waves.






Laser Cut Kit includes:

Full internal structure consisting of ribs and main spar (stringer) precision laser cut from 1/8" Ply.  They are cut from the backing material so they fit a package that can be shipped at a reasonable cost. The spar sections are cut at non-critical spots into lengths that will fit the shipping box. Each piece is numbered for correct assembly.  As soon as your order is processed you will have access to an electronic PDF manual explaining the process step by step so you can start planning while your materials make their way to you. 

Additional Bundles include:

  • Premium grade Paulownia Timber planking 
  • Premium grade Paulownia Timber planking + Titebond III Wood Glue + Vented Brass Screw + Leash Plug

Fiberglass materials are also sold separately (See Shaping & Glassing) 

You will need to supply: 

Sandpaper, clamps, other common wood working tools and a touch of patience to complete the kit.

If you would like to know more about building a Hollow Wooden Surfboard click here

Free Shipping (KIT ONLY) Worldwide.  Please allow 6 to 10 days for delivery.

Timber planking will require courier delivery.