Lanolin Oil
Lanolin Oil

Lanolin Oil

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Lanolin is a naturally sourced product which is derived from sheep's wool. It is naturally biodegradable and acid and salt resistant which makes it a perfect alternative finish to any timber surfcraft. When applied directly to your timber surfboard lanolin oil provides a coating that actually goes tacky when put in the ocean. This means you don't need to use wax if you don't want to. Lanolin is a non-flammable product and is much more user-friendly for you and the ocean environment! - Biodegradable - Non-toxic - Non-carcinogenic

How to apply

- Once you are happy with your final sanding of your board, lay your surfboard in the sun for a few minutes so that the wood becomes warm. - Spray liquid lanolin oil  over the whole board. - Allow a 1/2 hour or so for it to soak in. - Wipe off the waxy residue left on the board and re-spray another coat. - Repeat until your board no longer draws the lanolin oil in (usually 3 or so coats). - Go surfing! You will not need to reapply lanolin oil for months once it has soaked into the wood as it is salt-resistant and therefore does not wash off or break down in the ocean.