Etiko Recycled Rubber Thongs
Etiko Recycled Rubber Thongs

Etiko Recycled Rubber Thongs

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Do your thongs wholistically address crucial social and environmental issues in global supply chains, tackle poverty and seek to shift power in global trade to those who should benefit such as farmers and workers?  No!!!  Then get those evil flip flops off your feet immediately! 

There is a way to look good and DO good while wearing thongs.  Yes! you heard right - while wearing thongs!! 

Surfing Green are proud to introduce 'Thongs for Good' by Etiko.

Etiko Thongs not only look good, but do good. Sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured, 10% of the net wholesale value of each pair of thongs sold will go towards Sea Shepherd.

CHANGE THE WORLD YOU WALK ON Incredibly comfy rubber thongs, made from a mix of sustainably sourced (FSC certified) natural rubber and recycled rubber. You will also be walking around knowing that part of what you pay for also goes to support fair trade with the local community where these are made. 

But wait there's more! Your purchase will also support the work of Sea Shepherd whose mission is to conserve and protect threatened species and ecosystems and prevent the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans. All this and the price is still cheaper than the leading surf brand.  You can practically walk on water with our Etiko thongs, that's how angelic they are.  

Etiko's latest step towards creating a circular business model, that is responsible for reintegrating items at the end of their life cycle, is their new take-back program for footwear. All of your old Etiko thongs can now be returned and will be recycled in return for a giftcard. (Contact us at for more information)

Rated A+ by the Australian Ethical Fashion Report 5 years in a row. 

Get your pair of Etiko - Thongs for Good

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