Foam Surfboard Shaping for Beginners (Video Tutorials)

Foam Surfboard Shaping for Beginners (Video Tutorials)

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We want you to make the best surfboards possible and get stoked doing it! These video tutorials will not only give you knowledge and confidence to build great surfboards, but you will also be shown situations to avoid during the building process that would normally ruin your efforts.

No expensive power tools are necessary, no special shaping bay either. These videos get back to the basics of soulful garage DIY shaping. They demonstrate the spirit of DIY culture by being filmed and edited with low tech, equipment while maintaining the goal of delivering top quality information, tips, and tricks.

With these easy to follow instructional video tutorials, you will have all the knowledge and confidence to shape and glass a professional looking, fun to ride, performance surfboard.

Basic Surfboard Shaping for Beginners "Simple, Clean and Green"

Video contents include: Over 90 minutes of "How To" Instruction including:

  • Surfboard Shaping Theory,
  • Shaping Rack Design & Construction 
  • Effective use of Basic Hand Tools 
  • Gluing up your blank 
  • Making Templates 
  • Keeping the shaping mess to a minimum 
  • Surfboard shaping from concept to completion 
  • Sealing EPS foam to prepare for glassing 
  • Lots of tips on how to ensure your first board performs well and is fun to surf 
  • How to avoid costly mistakes while shaping

We recommend watching the video tutorials on a laptop in your work space while shaping - it's easier and a more effective way to learn and get great shaping results.

Use recycled blanks and bio resin to make the greenest surfboard possible and be kinder to yourself and the environment. 

Video download information will be emailed to you after purchase. Please allow 12 hrs to receive the instructions.