CNC Hollow Wood Surfboard Kits FAQ

Question: Does this kit include the planking for the outside of the surfboard?
Answer: No. You can use just about any kind of wood to complete your board. You can decide what your board will look like and how much you spend on finishing it. The manual explains what size and types of wood are suitable and also tips on how to find cheap wood locally. We sell Paulownia Strip Planking which is perfect for the job and comes with a discount if you order it with your kit.

Question: What is the best kind of wood to use?
Answer: Recycled lumber is the eco-friendly, cost effective choice. Reclaimed lumber such as redwood and cedar are an excellent wood choice as they are often already light and dry. Paulownia is an excellent choice if you are going for a light board. If you don’t care about weight, go for exotic hardwoods. We have used mahogany, ebony, oak and others. The hardwoods are really strong but heavy.

Question: Where do I buy wood for the planking?
Answer: Lumber suppliers and hardware stores are the obvious answer. Most builders love the challenge of finding
the perfect wood for their board and they will search through pallets of wood to find the perfect pieces. We have found beautiful heart redwood being sold for planter edging in the garden department of big hardware stores.

Question: Do I have to glass the board or can I just varnish it?
Answer: If you are only going to hang the board on a wall simply varnishing it is adequate. You should always glass a board that is going to be used. Not only to seal the water out but to give the board the strength it needs.

Question: I’ve never glassed a board, is it hard?
Answer: I don’t think its hard, but it can be tricky. The assembly manual covers the main steps in glassing as well as installing a fin box, leash cup, vent, and more. If you are not sure though, watch surfboard glassing videos on This will help you see what’s involved. Many builders decide that they don’t want to chance ruining their beautiful board with a bad glass job and have it professionally glassed. It’s probably not as expensive you think.

Question: How much woodworking ability do I need and what tools?
Answer: This is not the easiest project you will ever try, but its probably not as hard as you think. If you follow the detailed instruction manual you will be fine. Basic power tools will get you through most of the construction and if you dont have a table saw or band saw you can get around this by buying pre-cut wood or getting a local cabinet maker to cut it for you.

Question: Can the kits be modified?
Answer: You bet! That’s why we call the Chameleon the Chameleon. If you build it according to plan it’s an egg. It can be modified many ways to make it faster and more maneuverable. The kits can also be narrowed somewhat if desired. The instruction manual has a complete section on how to modify a board.

Question: What kind of resin do you use?
Answer: We only recommend epoxy on wood surfboards. Polyester will quickly delaminate from most wood. Plus epoxy is lighter, easier to use, easier to clean up, and has virtually no smell.