Why Hand Planes are a Must Have?

The hand plane revolution is upon us, and we personally recommend every surfer have one in their quiver. If you're looking for a fun, cheap, time effective alternative to lugging down your surfboard to the shore, check out our funky Paulownia timber Hand Planes. No matter what the conditions, a hand plane will get you in the water in seconds with no wax, no fuss and no lugging.

Hand plane surfing is an improved body surfing experience allowing you to ride a wave for longer and run cleaner lines. This makes it ideal for all skill levels and abilities maximising your time in the surf. As long as you can kick , you could be getting barrelled in a shorie on your first or second wave.

Not only is it easy for all types of beach goers to use, you will start to learn more about waves and their movements which can only improve your surfing game. Even on choppy days, when the conditions have blown out or are flat and lifeless, just add fins and you can still get in the mix and be feeling the stoke in no time.

Our Surfing Green hand planes are available in 3 designs – The Egg, The Eclipse and The Fish and are available in 14″ (36cm) models. 
Finished with Lanolin Oil straight from the sheep's back, but don't worry, no animals are harmed in the process. The oil is extracted from the wool after the sheep has been sheared. Lanolin acts as an emollient by filling in the gaps of the timber and creating an barrier to prevent water from damaging the board. No chemicals or resins are used to ensure our hand planes are fully biodegradable and ocean friendly.

They are selling like hotcakes and are priced accordingly to be a great gift idea for a surfer who already has everything or for a newbie who needs a little encouragement to catch a wave with success. Get one for yourself at the same time and chuck it in the back of the car ready for those days you are under the pump for time but still want to get in the mix. Be careful as hand plane surfing is totally addictive and the most fun you’ll have in the surf without your board.

Custom Orders – If there is a custom shape or size you are looking for just email us  the details and we will get back to you asap.

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